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One of the marvels of the early internet was the personal home page anymore. The phenomenon has largely evaporated (I don't know many people who run a home page) but having a home page was often seen as a requisite for being "on the net".

The space at provided just that. Launched in the mid-90's, www4 allowed students and faculty to host static HTML pages and files. In December 2018, the service will be phased out; OIT recommends the use of Google Sites or Wordpress to replace this functionality. If you are a part of the college of engineering, you may request a personal locker from EOS.

This is a tragic end for a service which has provided for over 20 years. I feel this community deserves to be shared and kept alive, so I have archived and indexed all available pages on the www4 because I love you!

All pages are indexed by Unity ID, which is automatically generated according to a user's name: An ID is composed of the given and middle initial followed by the first six characters of a family name. If this generates an in-use ID, a digit replaces the last character(s) such that a unique Unity ID is generated and is at most 8 characters.

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