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My name is Andrew Antony. I am a freshman. My major is Engineering first year, but I hope to CODA into the aerospace program. I am very interested in all things outer space, and I would like to help find a way for humanity to colonize new planets.

My favorite hobby is playing the drums. I have been playing for about 7 years. I started in middle school and got better and better. In my junior year of highschool I was the drum captain and had essentially become the lead percussionist of the school. I also had a band I drummed with outside of school. We wrote and recorded 10 songs. I also have a youtube channel where I upload drum covers of various songs.

So much info


  1. Flatbread
  2. pepperjack cheese
  3. lots of veggies, no meat
  4. load up jalapenos, banana peppers, and sriracha
  5. top it off with chipotle southwest sauce

class grade
Japanese 101 A
Calculus 3 A
Chemistry 101 B