Welcome to the the Danger Zone!

The name is Andrey Alekseyevich Belyayev. Currently, I am majoring in Engineering, hoping to graduate in 2018. I have not picked a specific major yet, but I'm thinking Mechanical. I chose engineering because math and science were my strengths in high school, and I always had an interest in the technical aspect of the world. If something doesn't workout or I change my mind, I think about falling back on International Studies because I'm Russian, and have always been good with other languages.

Out of the many things I enjoy doing, my favorite hobby would have to be Street Workout. Street Workout is a type of sport/ physical activity in which one uses a combination of bodyweight exercises and gymnastics to build a stronger physique. It became popular around 2010/2011 thanks to countless Youtube videos. There is even an annual Street Workout Championship where athletes compete against each other, putting on a display of extreme feats of strength for an audience and a group of judges. I have been practicing Street Workout since the beggining of 2012 and I plan on doing so for as long as my body will let me. It's a very rewarding activity as it betters one's health, forms life long habits such as exercising and a good diet, and it's a great way to meet new people.

Personal Resume
How to make an awesome sandwich
  1. Two slices of bread from a local bakery
  2. Add two slices of each type of meat in the fridge
  3. Put on a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise on one slice of bread
  4. Put Sriracha on the other slice
  5. Add Flaming Hot Cheetos, cucumbers, and spinach
  6. Bask in the joy of the next 2 minutes
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
MA 242 A+
PY 205 B-
HESF 106 S
FLR 304 A
Street Workout For Life