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My name is Nikki Aganbi and I'm a first year. I'd like to go into Civil Engineering one day and improve Urban Infrastructure. I have a strong appreciation for architecture so I am also pursuing a minor in design. In my junior year, I plan to pursue a concentration in structural engineering and go to grad school if appropriate. I'm excited for the next few years.

I enjoy art I guess??? I doodle a lot, so my sketch books are always full. I also like to paint. I plan to work for an architecture of Civil Engineering firm one day.

Here is my snazzy resume
  1. pick up the phone
  2. put in the number for Gumby's Pizza
  3. wait for the associate to answer
  4. slam down the phone and pick up a Digorno Pizza from Walmart instead because aint no body got time for that
Class Expected grade
E115 720
E144 95
MA 242 80
Van Gogh