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Hello my name is Arturo Aguirre. I am a transfer student and am currently a sophmore in Mechanical Engineering. I chose engineering because I admire what engineers do, they design and fix many things. I chose mechanical because it is a very broad field. I feel that mechanical can produce well rounded students.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I used to play soccer competitivly, and now I sometimes play for fun. If I have any free time then I usually play with my family and friends. I also enjoy watching the major european soccer leagues on television. Watching or playing soccer really helps me pass the time and enjoy myself.

ESPN Resume
    Ordering Pizza
  1. go to favorite pizza place website
  2. Load with bacon
  3. Load with pepperoni
  4. PIG OUT!
Class Expected Grade
EC 205 B+
CSC 113 C
MSE 200 B