My name is Al-Meqdad, and this is the year 2016, my major is civil engineering, I chose this major because I'm intersted in constructions and how things fit each other in a building or a bridge since I was a kid, also, civil engineers are paid well! My favorite hobby is watching movies, especially when its the combination of thriller/drama genres, I always try to give my self some freetime at night to watch a movie, for me, this the best thing to do to relax after a long day. Reddit

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  1. mix flours and salt in a bowl
  2. add water, olive oil to the bowl, then mix them
  3. cut the dough into 2 equa pieces, shape each piece as a ball and prepare it to put the ingredients
  4. spread the ranch sauce, put chicken and onions, and then bake for 15 min.
Class Expected Grade
CH101 C
CH102 B
MA111 A
EC205 B+
FLE101 A-
“watching a movie