Ari Alexandrescu

Student at North Carolina State University

I am a senior studying Economics with a minor in Mathematics. My anticipated date of graduation is December 2018, after completing a semester studying abroad in Vienna in the Fall of 2018. I chose this major because I see the application of economics in every aspect of my life as a student, person, and global citizen.

My favorite hobbies include cycling, kayaking, hiking, and camping in the wilderness. Academically, I enjoy learning all that I can about different perspectives of economic and political theory. When I am feeling lazy, I love being crafty and/or watching Arrested Development and/or listening to the Arrival soundtrack, hopefully with some board games in the mix.

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My most interesting academic courses:

  1. EC 351: Econometrics I
  2. EC 301: Intermediate Microeconomics
  3. LOG 335: Symbolic Logic
  4. EC 480: Introduction to Economics Research

Classmates in E115

Classmate Name Intended Major
Kiah Computer Science
Ray Computer Engineering