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My name is Ahmed, I'm a freshman at NC State, but it's my second semester here. I started in Spring. Long story. Anyway, my current major is Business Administration, but I'm trying to CODA into Computer Engineering. Although it is hard to do so, I try to remain focused and positive. I feel like Business Administration is not for me, although I consider minoring in it, I believe that the right major for me is Computer Engineering, since I'm more interested in the technical and technological aspects of life.

Since you're still on my page, I feel like you're still interested to know more about my life. Which is not weird. I play tennis for fun. Although its hard to find a partner and time to play, I try to play it atleast twice a week. I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows. I'm a big TV fan. I used to watch many shows and keep up with them, but then college happened.

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How I like to Order my Pizza

  1. Thin base.
  2. Ranch sauce.
  3. Buffalo Chicken
  4. Extra cheeze
  5. Preferably delivered on time.
Class Expected Grade
MA141 A
CH101 B+
MIE201 A+