Welcome to Abir Majumder's page! Here you can learn a little bit about myself.

Hello! My name is Abir Majumder. I am a first year student at NC State University studying Computer Science. I personally enjoy seeing what I can control with a computer with code which is much like a puzzle. That is why I chose Computer Science as my major.

Currently, I am in involved in a work-study position at NCSU's College of Textiles. There, I complete simple tasks such as reorganizing a tech room, keeping a log of all the projectors in the building, and moving materials to and from several rooms.

A picture of Abir

Classes that I am currently taking:

  1. Physics for Scientists and Engineers
  2. Calculus 3
  3. Marching Band
  4. Fundamentals of Economics
  5. Introduction to Computing Environments

Current Clubs:

Name of Club Link
E-Council https://ncsuengineerscouncil.wordpress.com/
Melee at NCSU https://www.facebook.com/groups/ncsumelee/