Amrita Malur Takes on NC State!

Hi friends! My name is Amrita Malur and I'm a freshman here at NC State. I'm (most likely) studying industrial engineering during my time here as an undergraduate, which I'm pretty excited about! I'm choosing to study industrial engineering because it really encompasses various aspects of engineering such as mechanical and electrical all while providing a space to learn more about optimization and efficiency which I'm really interested in for the business aspect. Having both technical, business, and leadership skills is really important to me as I eventually see myself doing something related to those things in a future career. Side note: I'm also thinking about getting a minor in computer programming, but I'm not 100% sure about that yet.

My current job is actually one that I'm continuing remotely from the summer. I'm a research technician in a pulmonary medicine lab at Brody School of Medicine (ECU) which is outside of my eventual career goals but nonetheless very interesting and educational. I get to do pretty cool things like confocal microscopy, laser capture microdissection, and mass spectrometry. I've definitely acquired a large skill set and I'm able to be independent and think on my feet a lot better because of it.

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