Alex Milliken

Computer Scientist and Rock Climber.

aamillik AT ncsu DOT edu


I am a graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. I received my B.S. in Computer Science from Xavier University in May 2015 with a minor in Mathematics. While in XU, I received the Clare Luce Boothe Award, given to a few well-rounded and high acheiving females in a science program. Since graduating from Xavier, I have been under the advising of Dr. Tiffany Barnes in the Game2Learn Lab. My research lab focuses on Educatoinal/Serious Games teaching computer science education. I am focusing on adjusting The Beauty and Joy of Computing AP Computer Science Principle curriculum to be more accessible to all student, focusing on students with Learning Differences.

Outside of school - when I find time ;) - I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, drawing, and doing athletic activities.

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