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My name is Alyssa Pryzgoda, and I am first year engineering major with biomedical intent. I have always been interested in the medical field and helping others, but from a young age I've known that I could never stomach being a doctor. Towards the end of highschool I learned of biomedical engineering. Since then, I've decided that this is a great way for me to apply my strengths in order to improve the quality of life.

In the past I have worked as a dance instructor. This has helped me to grow my leadership and communication skills. I taught children from ages 2 to 15 technical dance skills while encouraging self-expression and performance quality. I also exercised analytical thought while evaluating student strengths in order to compose performance pieces. I really enjoyed this job, because it allowed me to watch my students grow as I shared one of my passions with them.

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Future Coursework:

  1. Human Physiology for Engineers
  2. Mechanics of Tissues and Implants
  3. Applied Differential Equations
  4. Organic Chemistry
  5. Intro to Material Science of Biomaterials
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