My name is Alexander Balabanov. I am a first year engineering major. My intended engineering field is Industrial Engineering with a math or business minor. I am choosing Industrial engineering because I find the other engineering fields too specialized. They limit my options in terms of job later.
My hobbies include tennis, MMA, kickstarter projects and chess. I used to be chess club president in my High School and I enjoy it because it is a tactical sport. I was originally a gymnast however but that changed as I grew older. I then started MMA, specifically Muay Thai, and did that for a while. I still enjoy MMA but I can't find a gym in Raleigh within reasonable distance.
YT Resume
How to order Pizza 101 My Classes and grades are personal information that I do not wish to disclose. But to show my code I will simply list Class # and hypothetical grades in them.
Class Expected Grade
Class 1 A
Class 2 A
Class 3 B
E115 Pass
Thai Boxing