About Me

My name is Adam Benson, and I am a transfer student from Johnston Community College in Smithfield, NC. Here at NC State I am a junior and in the field of Electrical Engineering. The reason I chose engineering in general is because it really seemed the field that fit me best. In highschool I really enjoyed AP Calculus and it seemed like a good lead in to engineering. The reason I chose to go specifically in the Electrical Engineering field is that it seemed the most interesting field to me. I wanted a field that I would enjoy working in.

I'm not sure I really have a favorite break, because I have always had good trips and other things on breaks. I will talk about the snow during my winter break of 2011. The reason I reference this snow is because it has to be the best and most beautiful I have ever seen. I believe it happened just a few days after Christmas, which made it a good time to happen because everybody was off of school or work. This was probably also the most snow I've ever seen and was very enjoyable. So while I may not have a favorite break this was a particularly memorable one.

My Favorite Website

How to Order Pizza

  1. Decide on where to order from
  2. Check the place's menu physically or online
  3. Decide on how many pizzas and what sizes you want
  4. Decide on the toppings to go on the pizza
  5. Call and place the order or depending on the company order online
  6. Go pick up the pizza
  7. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E-115 Pass
COM-110 A-
ECE-109 A+
ST-371 A-
ECE-200 B+
E-298 A+
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