Addison Callan's Resumé

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Currently enrolled at North Carolina State University studying for a Bachelor's of Science in Material Sciences and Engineering. My projected graduation date is May 2020.

Professional Goals

My intent for pursuing a degree in material science is to research and develop technologies that have uses across other engineering and health disciplines. I think the energy sector is where the skills of a material science major could be most utilized as for the development of new batteries or even degredation of working parts.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MSE 201 Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials Fall 2017
MSE 300 Structure of Materials at Nanoscale Fall 2018
MSE 301 Intro to Thermodynamics of Materials Fall 2018
MSE 320 Introduction to Defects in Solids Fall 2018
MSE 465 Introduction to Nanomaterials Spring 2018