Adrian Collins


| Student at N.C. State University








Classification: -Senior


-Political Science








-Keeping up with

  the NFL

One thing I want to do after graduation:

-Attend a home


  Titans Game




"Nothing fails like success because we don't learn from it. We learn only from failure."

    - Kenneth Ewart Boulding


       Coming to N.C. State University in the fall of 2005 I immediately underestimated what it took to be successful.  The quote by Kenneth Ewart Boulding summarizes my experience there, as by the sophomore year I was plagued with the harsh reality of finding myself on academic probation and eventually at the end of the year, academic suspension.  It was then I began to learn to take responsibility for my actions, ultimately working at a dead end job to pay back student loans and make some ends meet. In the summer of 2008 I began taking classes at my local community college hoping to get back to N.C. State any way possible to prove I could graduate. 

         The reason I had to come back is that my grandmother and great uncle spoke to me constantly about not waiting to accomplish academic acheivements and I wanted to confront the very demons I had created.  In 2009 I was presented with an opportunity to go back to N.C. State when my former girlfriend's parents saw a young man who wanted more out of life than he had previously experienced.  The outcome was they agreed to pay my tuition after I was readmitted.  I didn't qualifiy for financial aid because I hadn't shown good academic progress so I drove back and forth to classes on campus every week in the fall of 2009.  In the spring my father took notice of my progress and paid my tuition and again I took a full load of classes to eventually put my GPA well above the academic probation range.  The result was the reinstatement of my financial aid in the fall of 2010. Since then I have strived to assert myself academically and succeed at N.C. State and as of right now I remain only 18 hours away from obtaining my B.A. in political science with a minor in sociology. 

        Currently my goal after graduation is to seek a secondary degree, either obtaining my Masters degree or Juris Doctorate if I get accepted to law school.  I directly relate to the quote from Kenneth Ewart Boulding because through my failure I have learned many things.  I don't necessarily know that success could impart unto me what I now have, but by experiencing failure I am in route to becoming the human being I hope to be.




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