Adam Bernard's webpage

My name is Adam Bernard, a transfer student at NCSU. I'm looking at spending the next 2-3 years at this college to finish my CSC major. Computer science is my selected major because I've had an interest working with computers for a few years now, and have enjoyed my time building them.

A year ago I worked on landscaping/maintenace at Riverwood Golf. Work begins with a routine of setting up courses before the golfers arrived, at times varying from 7 to 5:30 in the morning depending on the current season. Over the summer is when the workload is the highest. Many hours are spent mowing grass within the golf course and the surrounding neighborhood.


4 Most Interesting Classes

  1. Introduction to Computing - Java
  2. Introduction to Computing Environments
  3. Physics for Engineers and Scientists II
  4. Calculus III

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