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China Today:

    China's first modern census in 1953 revealed a population of 583,000,000, a number that has more than doubled in less than 50 years to 1,252,800,000 people in 2000. Research also suggest that by the year 2020 China’s population will be over 1,670,000,000.
    The success of China's One-Child Policy is heralded by some because as many as 200 million fewer Chinese were born as the program was implemented and gained popularity. Still, because of the absolute size of the country's total population, there is still a net increase of about one million Chinese each month, an annual gain of over 12,000,000 that equals the total population of New York City.
    Chinese policymakers have increasingly attempted to let the world know of the validity of China's official position in the face of widespread criticism of China's policies. The State Family Planning Commission of China maintains an English-language web site that spells out family planning objectives, policies, problems, and achievements. China's huge population still imposes substantial stress on the country's natural resources, but today China is working to make sure the One-Child Policy is enforced only in fair terms. The Chinese Government has taken measures to encourage that no abortions are used through contraceptives, and also that baby girls are not discriminated against. Still, the policy continues to raise China's economy level, preserve the land, and control the population of the country.

Chinese Billboard
A road sign in China saying, "It is forbidden to discriminate against, mistreat, or abandon baby girls."