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Hello! My name is Alex Haberkorn and I am currently a Freshman at NC State University. I am in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering program and am considering a double major with Civil Engineering. I chose to major in engineering because I want to work in a field where I can really affect other's lives in a positive way. I also don't mind the pay that comes with the degree.

Right now I work the school's University Recreation as a scorekeeper. I have really enjoyed the job as it has introduced me to many new people I otherwise would not have met. This job is also my first job and I am very glad to be getting the work experience so that I can have it to put on future job applications. I also hope to possibly move up within URec in the next year or two.

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My Favorite Classes

  1. E101
  2. CH101
  3. BAE100
  4. EC201

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