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My name is Bo Henley and I am a Freshman in First Year Engineering- Mechanical Intent. I chose engineering because from a very young age, I have been fascinated with how devices work and building structures and machines.
Fishing and boating are my favorite hobbies. I grew up going to Ocean Isle Beach every summer and every long weekend during the school year. When I was five years old, my dad A.B. taught me how to captain our 20 foot Boston Whaler fishing boat. When I was 12 I became the captain of my own flat bottom skiff and my dad and I fished almost daily at the beach.

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How to Order Pizza (If You're @bo_henley)
  1. Unlock iPhone
  2. Open Phone App and Tap on "Dominos" in the Favorites Tab"
  3. Order Pizza
  4. Hang Up
  5. Class Expected Grade
    Calculus II A
    Climate Change and Sustainability A
    Principles of Micro Economics A
    @bo_henley Fishing