Welcome to Andrew Hwang's Homepage

Welcome! My name is Andrew Hwang. I am currently a freshman at NC State and plan on majoring in Electrical/Computer Engineering. I decided that I want to become an engineer because I like working with problems and figuring out ways to solve them. Engineering allows you to use your creativity to come up with a solution to a problem.

My favorite break from school would have to be fall break. As a freshman, fall break was my first break that I have had while in school. During fall break, I got the chance to explore Raleigh by riding the local transit bus around. I took the bus to a mall and was able to pick up a copy of a video game that had just come out on that day, Pokemon Y. Being the 7th person in line to purchase this new game was satisfying to me. In addition to this "adventure", I was able to hang out with my friends during fall break.

My favorite websites

Speedsolving Logo Speedsolving Home Page
Youtube Logo Youtube Home Page

How to order a pizza

  1. Find out what kind of pizza you want to have (What toppings you want on it)
  2. Select a pizza store to order from (Papa Johns, Dominos)
  3. Head over to the store or if you want delivery, call their number
  4. Tell the person what you want and pay for it
  5. Wait
  6. Once prepared, take your pizza and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E101 A
E115 S
ENG101 A
MA241 A
PY205 B

Pokemon Purchase