A View Into My Life at NC State

Hello my name is Ashli Jamison and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I intend to major in Chemical Engingeering with a concentration in Biomanufacturing. I have choosen this major because I have always been interested in science. As a kid I dreamed of working in a lab, mostly because it would be easy to pick out clothes in the morning. I also have aspirations of helping people and making their lives easier. If I don't CODA into Chemical Engineering I will probably aim for Material Science or Electrical Engineering.

Since coming to NC State I would say that my hobbies have changed. I spent a lot of time arranging music and I used to play tennis weekly with my friends. The only hobby that I have seemed to retain is playing the guitar. If anything I play more than before seeing as my roommate doesn't spend her weekends here. The best thing about playing guitar for me is the way it destresses me. When I play I forget about all of the exams and assignments I probably should be studying for and go back to those lazy Sundays I always had in High School with no obligations.

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    How to Make a Pizza!

  1. Defrost the Crust
  2. Spread the Sauce on the Dough
  3. Arrange the Toppings, Never Forget the Cheese
  4. Place in Oven and Wait for Satisfaction
Course Grade
HI207 A
CH101 B+
USC298 A