Welcome to Karcher's homework page!

My name is Andrew Karcher and I am a freshman. My selected major is, conveniently, Computer Science. I have decided upon this after having spent half my life toying around with personal computers and video games which have instilled me with a desire to create games or software that will inspire people or allowed inspired people to create their own works.

My favourite hobby, in a semi-related way, is PC building. This sort of came about as an obsession, when the family computer (which for the longest time was a pentium 4 with no graphics card) was not even sort of fast enough for the type of things I wished to do with it. I quickly became fluent in the lingo of hardware and today I still fiddle with it. The most fun part would probably be the aesthetic side, as that is what makes people see your build and go crazy.

My Resume
The Science of a PB&J Sandwhich
  1. Retrieve bread. You can prepare it yourself, but this is best left to rocket scientists. Store brought recommended.
  2. Retrieve Peanut butter. No man alive can prepare it himself.
  3. Retrieve jelly. Too many ways to count.
  4. Combine in any way that appeals to you. Even if it is a giant pile of mush. There is no wrong way to combine these foods.
  5. You win the internet.
Class Grade
E115 Pass
Calculus 2 C
Physics 205 C
Pic related, my build