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My name is Allison McGinnis, and I am currently a sophomore at NC State. I am technically still in the First Year College at State, but at the end of the year I intend to have matriculated into the college of engineering to work towards a material science major. I originally planned on doing a chemistry major, but decided that the high intensity chem classes were too much for me, and while I liked science, and chemistry, I didn't think it was the major for me. With a major in materials science, I will be doing the science that I enjoy while also incorporating my math skills, which I also enjoy. I have always been interested in the fields of math and science, so choosing this major lets me be involved in both fields.

My favorite hobby I think would have to be reading. That may sound a bit nerdy, and boring to some people, but I have always really enjoyed it. I used to read all the time back in high school and before, but now that I am in college I don't have the free time that I used to have to read for pleasure. I mostly just have time for doing assignments, and the only reading I do is for classes and not for pleasure. When I have the chance over school breaks and summer I try to fill some of my spare time with reading instead of watching tv, which I seem to be able to find free time for during the school year...whoops. As far as favorite genre, I'm not really sure, I enjoy a wide range of genres but mostly fiction.

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How to make the perfect pb& J:

  1. Buy peanut butter, jelly, and a loaf of bread
  2. On one piece of bread, cover one side in peanut butter
  3. On another piece of bread, cover one side in Jelly
  4. Place both pieces of bread together, PB & J sides in
  5. Enjoy!
    1. My Classes this semester

      Class Grade expected
      CH 315 B
      CH316 A
      ES100 A
      E115 S
      PY208 C
      MA 341 B

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