Hi Everyone

My name is Adam Winegar. I am a freshman, and I am majoring in Textile Engineering. One reason I chose this major the high job placement it has. I am also very interested in making medical supplies as well as artificial organs. Majoring in Textile Engineering will allow me to do this.

My favorite hobby is fishing. It is a very rewarding hobby since it requires a great amount of skill and knowledge. Fishing teaches great life lessons like never giving up, and patience. It is also a great a activity to do with friends. My favorite spot to fish is on the Holston River in Virginia.


My favorite Paper

    How to make my favorite sandwich
  1. Get out the bread, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato
  2. Cook the bacon and toast the bread
  3. Put the bacon and cheese on the bread
  4. Put the tomato and lettuce on the bread
  5. Close the sandwich, and eat

Class Expected Grade
Psychology A
Calculus A
Sociology A
TE 105 A
E115 S

Hooking a fish