Hello! My name is Caroline Alexander.

Picture of me

About Me

My name is Caroline Alexander and I am a freshman at NC State University in Paper Science Engineering. My current plan is to graduate in December of 2020 as I would like to participate in a co-op so that I have knowledge of the paper industry prior to graduation.

Why Paper Science?

I came into NC State planning to major in Chemical Engineering (ChE). During my Introduction to Engineering course I learned about Paper Science Engineering and how similar it was to ChE. I hope to use my time at NC State in the Paper Science program to learn about all about the creation of paper and develop the skills a process engineer needs. Someday I hope to work in a mill helping to save my company money and make the process more efficient.

My Skills

Class Course Title Semester
PSE 201 Introduction to Pulp and Paper Technology Spring 2017
CH 201 Quantitative Chemistry Spring 2017
E 101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016