Welcome to Anthony's Webpage!

My full name is Anthony Campillo. I am a freshman. I am going to major in electrical and computer engineering. I will probably only graduate with an electrical engineering degree instead of both. I want to work in the energy sector in hopes of playing a part in the future when we are running on 100% sustainable energy.
My favorite hobby is questioning. I enjoy taking time to analyze myself and the world I live in. I enjoy questioning assumptions I make about everyday life and beliefs that I hold to be true. I also like to question the way the world works and how it could work more efficiently and be more peaceful. Whenever someone takes an interest in the questions I like to explore, it gives me great joy. Here is a normal link to my resume.
  1. Go to your local pizza shop.
  2. Approach the cash register.
  3. Say "I want a pizza with _____,_____,______, (etc.)" to the person taking your order.
  4. Pay.
  5. Get your pizza and leave.
  6. Enjoy your pizza.
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A
HON 295 B+
ENG 101 B+