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I'm Allison Camras, and I'm a sophomore at NC State. I'm a double major in Math and Meteorology-with a concentration in Marine Science. I chose these majors because I've always been interested in the weather, and math has always been my strongest subject. Eventually, I would like to work with the Hurricane Center in Miami or working with the National Center for Atmospheric Research conduction research on climate change and it's effects. I would also like to end up being a college professor teaching Calculus.

When it comes to Halloween, Franklin Street at Carolina has always been the hot spot to go. Two year ago, however, Hillsborough Street has tried to start a new tradition of everyone coming out there instead. I think eventually, this system will catch on. I think with strengthening security on Franklin Street, and rules with out-of-towners coming in becoming more strict, Hillsborough Street will become more appealing to everyone, especially NCSU students. I also think that if all places on Hillsborough get into it and go all out, it will become a more exciting place to go to celebrate Halloween. Within a couple years, I could see this new tradition becoming very popular.


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Top 5 College Football Teams

  1. UNC
  2. NC State
  3. Miami
  4. ASU
  5. Boston College

Class Expected Grade
MA 225 B+
ANT 252 B
MEA 214 B+
HI 210 B
E 115 S