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My Name is Austin Cantrell and I'm a freshman at North Carolina State University. I'm in first year engineering but I want to CODA into Computer and Electrical Engineering. I chose Computer and Electrical Engineering because I love physics and understanding how the world works. Playing with electronics is something I've done all my life so I'm extremely excited to be able to actually understand how they work from an engineering perspective I can't wait till I get in my major specific classes!

I love to play music. I play both saxophone and guitar. I'm in the NCSU marching band "Power Sound of the South", a small jazz combo, and NCSU's pep band. Playing music is something I've always loved ever since middle school. I started with the guitar during the summer before middle school and soon after I picked up the saxophone for our school's ensemble. Once I got to high school I started playing jazz and fell in love with it. Even though I'm much busier in college I still always try to make time for music.

reddit alien A Response to a Poem Titled "Eagle"
  1. Get bread, jelly and peanut butter
  2. Spread jelly on one piece of bread
  3. Spread peanut butter on the other piece of bread
  4. Put the two pieces together and enjoy :)
  5. Course Expected Grade
    ECE 109 A
    E115 S
    MA 242 A-