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Department of Accounting

  Dr. Don Pagach
Professor of Accounting

Don Pagach received his Ph.D in Accounting from Florida State University in 1992. Prior to coming to North Carolina State he taught at Louisiana State University.   He has published papers in the Journal of Accounting Research, Contemporary Accounting Research, Decision Sciences, and Issues in Accounting Education.

My research focuses on a number of key areas:

  1. Enterprise Risk Management - Along with co-authors I have written a number of papers examining Enterprise Risk Management. 
    • The first paper co-authored with Mark Beasley and Richard Warr examined the security market response to the initiation of Enterprise Risk Management programs.  This paper can be found here.
    • The second paper authored with Richard Warr examines characteristics of firms adopting enterprise risk management programs.  This paper can be found here and is currently under review.
    • Richard Warr and I have also been awarded a number of research grants to study issues involving enterprise risk management.  Information about our grant awarded by the Global Association of Risk Professionals can be found here.  We have also just received a grant from the Society of Actuaries to study reputational risk. Details of this grant will be posted soon.








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