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Well, first off, my name is Andrew Eicher and I am currently enrolled as a freshman here at North Carolina State University.
I am studying in the College of Textiles and plan to major in Textile Engineering with a concentration in Product Development.
Originally I was interested in Biomedical Engineering, but I ended up attending STEP my the summer after junior year of high school
and had a blast. This ended up in me changing my approach when applying and eventually attending NCSU, which was my first choice.
I am glad to have been given the opportunity to attend this marvellous university.

Definitely the best spring break I ever had was, coincidentally, also during my junior year of high school. Me and my family all
ended up making the tedious drive down to Destin, Florida, where we had rented a house for the week. Aside from the ridiculous
amount of seaweed in the water due to an offshore storm, the water was great! I even escaped the trip without a horrendous sunburn!
It was one awesome week filled with crazy antics with our family and a great life experience.

How can this not be my #1 favorite?

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How To Order A Pizza
  1. Go on any local pizza restaurant's website
  2. Select dish in interest
  3. Scour internet for promotional coupons
  4. Enter necessary delivery information and confirm order
  5. Wait 30 minutes
  6. Tip the nice man won't you

Class Grade
SOC 206 95 - A
CH 102 90 - A
EC 205 80 - B

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