Homework 5A

My name is Ashwin Chandrasekar. I'm in the class of '15. I chose computer engineering as my major because I've always ben interested in computers. I considered computer science, but I thought it would be more interesting to learn about the hardware and electronic aspects of computers. I'm still considering a double major of computer engineering and computer science.

It's kind of hard to pick a favorite break, since any time off from school is pretty awesome. If I had to pick, winter break would probably be my favorite break, because that is when some of my best friends go back home to Charlotte. Most of them are spread across the country, and some are in other countries. The winter holidays are when we all have time to get together. Also, that's the time I get to unabashedly stuff my face full of all sorts of delicious food.


How to obtain the world's best sandwich

  1. Toast bread
  2. Slice cheese
  3. Spread hummus on bread
  4. Arrange vegetables on bread
  5. Leave the terrible sandwich for some poor unsuspecting soul to suffer through
  6. Go to my best friend's house
  7. Ask for a sammich
  8. Eat and enjoy

Class Grade
CH101 A
CH102 A
EC205 A
PY205 A
MA241 B
E101 B
E115 S