E115 Homework 5a!

Welcome to my wonderful homework My name is Amaryllis. I am a freshman with an intent in Chemical Engineering. I always enjoyed math and science. AP Chemistry was one of my favorite classes and led to me choosing the right path in the engineering field. My classes are kind of hard now, but I am excited to go further into my major.
My favorite hobby would have to be soccer. I enjoy sports and exercising, but soccer will always be my absolute favorite. I have played since seventh grade and have loved every second being on that field. My coaches always supported me in my academics and at practice. I was the varsity captain my senior year of high school, and I received the MVP award. This semester I decided to join a friend's intramural team. The season ended today for our team, and I am already excited for the spring. I might even choose to try out for the club soccer team here at State.



Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  1. Fry the chicken
  2. Toast the bread
  3. Cut the lettuce
  4. Put everything together

Class Expected Grade
MA241 B
CH101 B-
E115 Pass