Welcome to my Homework 6 webpage! Welcome to my Homework 6 webpage! My name is Anna Herring. I am a freshman and have no declared major. The majors that I am interested in are Areospace Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science. I am interested in Areospace Engineering because I believe that it would be complementary to an Astronomy Masters and PhD. I am interested in Physics because I believe that it will be a good background for a Masters and PhD in Astronomy. I am interested in the Computer Science major because I enjoy working on computers. My favorite hobby is hiking and camping. I have always enjoyed being outside in nature. My favorite place to go hiking and camping is Hanging Rock State park. My favorite trail in the park is the Hanging Rock trail. This trail goes up to the hanging rock that the park is named for. I also enjoy walking around the lake at the park. Youtube link My Resume
  1. To make my favorite pizza first use a prebaked pizza crust.
  2. Then evenly spread olive oil on crust.
  3. After that cover in mozzarella cheese.
  4. Then bake at 350 degrees F for 8 minutes
Classes Expected Grades
Pre-Calculus -B
Astronomy A
Environmental Science A
Honging Rock