"I'm starting to like this class"

"My name is Alex Hight. I am a freshman in Paper Science and Engineering. Originally, I applied as Mechanical Engineering. In order to qualify for a scholarship though, I changed it to PSE. I ended up getting the scholarship and now I love PSE."

"My favorite hobby is sailing. I first learned to sail when I was 8 on a lake in Virginia. I went to a five day camp every summer. Now I am a counselor at this camp. We have two boats up there that we use to sail whenever we go up."

My Favorite Game Second Fav
  1. Say that you would like a cheesy western
  2. They won't write it down
  3. They will only yell out A PLAIN CHEESY
  4. When you get it two minutes later, enjoy
Class Grade
Chemistry C
Chemistry Lab A
Microeconomics B
Calculus 2 C
My Hobby