This May Be The Best Site Ever

My name is Andrew Hunter and I am a freshman at NC State University. I plan on graduating after the spring semester of 2015 with a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Spanish. I decided on Industrial Engineering because it is such a broad field. Industrial Engineers can work in essentially any business, and I love that flexibility. I am minoring in Spanish because in an increasingly globalised world, it is important to be able to communicate with people from different regions of the world.

Naturally, my favourite break from school is summer break. It is by far the longest, and it gives me ample time to work and earn money. I enjoy working and hanging out at the local pool with friends and also going to the beach over the summer. When summer break comes around, I am able to finally clear my mind of school and relax. Though I love both winter and spring break, summer break is the most enjoyable without a doubt.


The Best Sammich

  1. Take out two pieces of whole wheat bread.
  2. Add yellow mustard to one side of one of the pieces of bread.
  3. Place one slice of Swiss cheese on top of the mustard covered piece.
  4. Add BOTH turkey and ham on top of the cheese.
  5. Add a leaf of lettuce on top of the meat, and the sandwich is ready to eat.

Class Expected Grade
MA 242 A
PY 205 B-
E 115 S
EC 201 A