Welcome to the Resumé of Anjaney C Mahajan

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What are my Qualifications

Intended Major: Computer e

University: North Carolina State Universtiy

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2020

Why Computer Engineering

I have always been facinated by how humans are able to process human input. So I intend to use my degree to help develop more efficient GPUs or CPUs

Technical Skills

Class Course Semester
Intro Sig Circ Sys ECE 200 2017 Spring Term
Comp Sys Prog ECE 209 2017 Spring Term
Calculus III MA 242 2017 Spring Term
Physics Egr II PY 208 2017 Spring Term
Physics Engr II Lab PY 209 2017 Spring Term
Discrete Math CSC CSC 226 2017 Fall Term
Electric Circuits ECE 211 2017 Fall Term
Fund Logic Design ECE 212 2017 Fall Term
Analy Fnd of ECE ECE 220 2017 Fall Term
Linear Systems ECE 301 2018 Spring Term
Microelectronics ECE 302 2018 Spring Term
Intro Embedded Sys ECE 306 2018 Spring Term
GEP Social Sciences GEP 203 2018 Spring Term
Intro Prob Dist Th ST 371 2018 Spring Term
Oo Prog For ECE ECE 309 2018 Fall Term
DN Complex Dig Sys ECE 310 2018 Fall Term
Elective 2 2018 Fall Term
Elective 3 2018 Fall Term
Commun Engr & Tech ENG 331 2018 Fall Term
GEP Physics Education GEP 206 2018 Fall Term