Hello my name is Austin McBride. This webpage is an assignment for E115.

This is me.

Personal Info

I am planning on majoring in Nuclear Engineering. I currently attend North Carolina State University and plan on graduating in May of 2020.

Why I want to be a Nuclear Engineeer

I chose nuclear engineering becasue I enjoy subatomic physics and engineering. I believe nuclear power has the potential to be the greatest supplement to fossil fuel consumption. In addition, my father and grandfather were both workers in the elctrical industry. I hope that I can obtain the degree and make a potiive impact on public policy and the industry as climate change is the biggest challenge my generation will face.

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 1 MA 141 Fall 2016
Chemsitry- A Molecular Science CH 101 Fall 2016
Intoduction to Engineering and Problem Solving E101 Fall 2016
Introduction to Computing Enviroments E115 Fall 2016
Calculus 2 MA 241 Spring 2017