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My E115 Homepage

My name is Amanda Platania. I am a freshman with an electrical intent. I am really interested in renewable energy. I have looked at possibly working on electric cars or solar panels to help with alternative energy. I want what I make and design to have a positive impact. I also love math and everyone told me electrical uses a ton of calculus.

I really love to work on cars. Two years ago I convinced my dad to buy a classic 68' Camaro. We have switched out the drum for disk breaks, changed the transmission out, and much more. One of my favorite touches is the chrome Cragar rims we added to it to go with the classic look. While it looks classic though, we have made it able to handle similar to a modern car and a lot safer to drive now.

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich:
  1. cut the bread in have and spread mayo
  2. place a slice of ameican chese on both halves
  3. place two slices of turkey on top of both halves
  4. put a slice of salami on one half and fold it together

Class Expected Grade
CH 101 A
MA 241 A
CH 102 A+