Feel Welcomed

My Name is Adam Pleines. I am currently a Freshman. I am hoping to major as a Biomedical Engineer. I am interested in a Biomechanics pathway within the field. I have always had an interest in the construction of the human body, which is the main topic of concern within this field. Additionally, it is a field that is always focused on helping people while not having to directly conduct with their everyday life.

I would have to say my favorite hobby is playing videogames. I admit that I am quite a nerd, whether my appearance shows it or not. I spend numerous hours in front of the computer screen playing various games. It is probably the concept of getting to live millions of different situational lives that peaks my interest in games. I have never gotten into the backgrounds and lore of characters. However, I always notice that I find enjoyment more out of the character's personalities than out of their innate playability.

pretty much Well, Here's My Resume!
  1. Get Bread
  2. Put a slice of Provolone cheese on top of each piece of bread
  3. Put some Ham on top of one slice of provolone
  4. Take the other Bread and Provolone and connect the provolone with the Ham
  5. Serve or Eat the Sandwhich
My Current Classes Expected Grades
Calc II B+
E115 S
Cross Training S
Never Underestimate the Scout's Code