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Hello, my name is Alexander Poulimenos. I am currently a sophomore here at NC State majoring in Civil Engineering. I decided to go into Civil Engineering because I have always loved buildings and architecture. I enjoy doing tasks that are very hands on oriented, and building things, so I figured Civil Engineering would be a perfect fit. Hopefully through completing my degree here I can get a job as a Real Estate Developer or build houses.

Currently I am working at Sammy's Tap and Grill which is right off Avent Ferry. I am a food runner there so I plate and bring the food to the tables while also helping out around the restaurant in any way we need at the time. My dream job would be a Real Estate Developer, I have always loved architecture and buildings. I'm not as good as drawing so I don't want to do architecture, plus I enjoy the hands on aspect of building a house or building. The dream would to build an apartment complex or office building in a large downtown area like Charlotte.

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