Welcome to Austin Prince's website

My Major:

Hello, My name is Austin Prince and I am a sophmore at NCSU trying to major in Electrical Engineering. I am trying to major in Electrical Engineering, because I have always found electronics and the circuits that make them work fascinating. One day I hope to design circuits of my own that will hopefully make a difference in the world and make people's lives easier.

My Job:

I am currently a PFC in the NC National Guard. I've been in the military for about two years now and my current job is a 12N (Horizontal Construction Engineer) which means that I operate heavy construction equipment. My official job is to build roads and help on construction sites to assist in the construction of building, but as of now I am attached to a combat engineering unit. Being attached to this unit means that I construct fighting positions for the M1 Abrams and Bradley fighting vehicle along with creating and breaching obsticals in order to assist with vehicle and combat MOS movement.

Austin Prince (left) and fellow soldiers:

A picture of Austin Prince and fellow soldiers

Most Interesting Classes I've Takin So Far:

  1. E115
  2. CH101
  3. PY205
  4. MA141

Clubs I Want to Join at NCSU:

Club Links
Tae Kwon Do Club https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/707
Underwater Robotics https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/URC