Welcome to Alex Purut's Homepage

Hello, my name is Alex Purut. I am an incoming freshman at NC State University, class of 2017. I am currently majoring in mechanical engineering. The reason I chose mechanical engineering is that I am good at mathematics, and mechanical engineering is a safe major to go into. Also, mechanical engineering is a good launching pad for any career or further education I may want to go into.

My favorite break was summer break of my junior year. During this break, I went to Governor's School. This was a 6 week summer school that taught a variety of topics. At Governor's School I was selected to take math courses, so I took a class on Knot Theory, Combinatorics, and another class on mathematical sets. After classes we were able to go to lectures and plays on just about everything. I remember going to lectures on infinity and the shape of the universe and a play called Copenhagen. However, my favorite part was Knot Theory and I hope to learn more about it at NC State.

I like the points system of E 115. However I could imagine that if one fell below 700 points and knew they would not be able to pass, no matter how hard they tried, it would be demoralizing. But, in order to fall this low, one would need to be trying to get a bad grade on all assignments. Those who try to get bad grades rarely ever try to pass the class, so such a case would hardly be an issue. All in all, the points system is a fair system that works in the student's favor.

How to make a simple turkey sandwich.

  1. Get bread, turkey slices, jar of mayonnaise, a plate, and a knife.
  2. Lay a piece of bread on the plate.
  3. Put 3 slices of turkey on the bread.
  4. Put as much mayonnaise on the turkey as the sandwich maker desires using the knife.
  5. Put a slice of bread on top of the turkey and mayonnaise.
  6. Cut the sandwich into two pieces.
Courses Expected Grade
English 101 - 100 A+
E 115 - 057 Pass
USC 100 - 001 A+

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