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My name is Austen Caleb Risher. I am currently a freshman at North carolina State University. I am studying Civil Engineering. I chose to be a Civil Engineering major because I have always liked to work hands on while building things. I have also always liked being able to see my finished work and I feel that I would be able to do that at a Civil Engineer.

I have always enjoyed shooting guns. I was raised around guns and have continued to shoot them my entire life. While I was in high school I was on the varsity rifle team so I was able to do my favorite hobby every day. Now that I am in college I do not get to partake in my favorite hobby as often as I would like. Although I am currently trying to join the rifle team here at North Carolina State University.

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  1. Walk into Subway
  2. Ask for a footlong meatball sub on Itallian herbs and cheese bread
  3. Watch as the cut the breada and prepare the sandwich
  4. Ask for provolone cheese to be put on the sandwich
  5. Class Grade
    MA141 B+
    E115 S
    ES200 B+
    Competition Rifle