Welcome to homework 6

Hi, I'm Allison Wagner. I am a freshman. My major is engineering. I want to do Civil Engineering, specifically. I chose this major because I didn't know I had to take computer classes; I dislike computer classes greatly.

My favorite hobby is eating cookies. Cookies are great. Who doesn't like a good cookie? My specific cookie of choice would be chocolate chip. Especially, ones that came straight from the oven. And that's all I have to say about that. (insert Forrest Gump accent when reading the last sentence)

  1. Go to Subway
  2. Tell 'em what I want!
  3. At register, accept offer to add a chocolate chip cookie to my order
  4. Pay with money
  5. Exit the Subway slowly to avoid accidents.
Class Expected Grade
Physics B-
Calculus 241 B
Economics B+