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About Wild Eye

Wild Eye was created in 2015 by Anne Washington of NC State University. The idea came from attempting to figure out a way to protect species in vulnerable areas, like in the savannas of East Africa. A system of RC vehicles/drones and special durable cameras was developed to help monitor wildlife sanctuaries when manpower was unavailable or put at risk. Potential was seen in earlier models for Wild Eye to become a researching aid, and it expanded from its roots to develop software to be able to remotely track animals based on shape and movement. Wild Eye is now a sophisticated guardian over man and animals alike, watching from above to protect creatures below. 

Missions and Goals 

Our mission is about protecting both wildlife and those that work to safeguard it. We aim to provide the greatest of service through our various software and mobile tracking devices. Our drones and cameras are designed to be user friendly and durable, able to withstand wind, water and sand damage. Wild Eye will track various shapes, including vehicles, people, and even specific species. At each site Wild Eye is installed in, park officials will see a minimum decrease of 75% of violations and 80% of poaching/ animal tracking.

If you have any questions, please contact us on the contacts tab for more details. If you would like to look at our models and specials, head over to our products page.

Thank you for your support.

Wild Eye

"Eyes above to protect creatures below."