Hello and welcome

My name is Adam David Augustine. I am an engineering major with a mechanical engineering intent. I decided to be an engineer because I've always loved math, science, and problem solving. I decided to focus on mechanical engineering because I believe that it is the most versitial type and it is mostly physics, which I enjoy. I hope to someday work for a tech company, because working with a team to create something that could improve people's lives sounds very rewarding.

My favorite hobby is drawing. I became interested in it after taking art classes in highschool and learning the proper technique and how to improve my work. My favorite thing to draw is landscapes using chalk pastels, but I often use colored pencil as well. Over the summer I illustrated a short children's book using colored pencil. Since arriving at college I have not had much time for art, but I have drawn a few posters for my dorm room and hope to draw more in the future.

YouTube Resume

How to order the best pizza:

  1. Log onto the Papa Johns website
  2. Go to the customizable pizza section
  3. Add chicken to half of the pizza
  4. Add sausage to the other half
  5. Add green pepers to the entire pizza
  6. Add ham to the entire pizza
  7. Submit your order
  8. Don't forget to tip your delivery man!

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus B
Economics A
Chalk Pastels