Hello and Welcome

My name is Austin Conner and I am currently in First Year College class of 2019. I plan to CODA into Industrial Engineering after I complete Physics 205/206 over the summer. I decided that Industrial engineering would be the best fit for me because it involves a lot of human interaction and is somewhat business oriented. I enjoy talking and interacting with people and I also enjoy working to make things more efficient. Industrial engineering offers a lot of different pathways which would allow me to find what I really want to do.

My favorite hobby is snowboarding. I enjoy snowboarding with my friends during the winter in the NC mountains. This winter I only went snowboarding once because of my busy schedule and school work. Next winter I am hoping to take a trip to Colorado to snowboard there with my family. Snowboarding is my favorite hobby because it challenges me and gives me a chance to get away.

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  1. Call pizza man
  2. tell him large pepperoni
  3. wait
  4. eat the pizza
  5. be happy

class grade
MA241 B+
E115 S
EC201 A

Snowboard Baby