Welcome to Homework 6

My name is Austin Cronin. I am a freshman engineering major with biomedical intent. I picked this major because it can help me achieve my career goal of becoming a medical researcher. I want to become a medical researcher because I have always been fascinated with learning about medicine. I also chose biomedical engineering because it involves biology which is one of my favorite subjects.

My favorite hobby is cycling. I first started cycling in middle school when I started riding my bike around my neighborhood. I also ride my bike with my grandfather a lot because he also likes cycling. My favorite part of cycling is being able to go on a marathon. Although, there is a risk of injury with cycling, but cylcing is still my favorite hobby despite this risk.

youtube Resume
  1. go to a pizza website such as pizzahut.com or papajohns.com
  2. pick favorite topping
  3. pick curst type
  4. finish order and pay
Class Expected Grade
Ch 101 A
Ma 241 A
E 101 A
Ec 205 A
E 115 S
Ch 102 A