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Hi There! My name is Anupam Devulapalli. I will be graduating in 2019. My major is computer science. One of my biggest passion is learning new programming langauge. Computers are one of the best things that humans have developed so far. One of my biggest hobby is programming. My interest for computer science is limitless.

I have many hobbies like cycling, programming, sleeping, eating etc. Although I lost the grip I used to have previously, one of my favourite hobby is programming. I have learnt various programming langauge like C/C++, Java, Python etc. My interest for programming is incresing gradually. Due to this reason I would want to persue a career in computer science.


    How to Order a pizza

  1. Call Papa Jones
  2. Mention the desired crust
  3. Mention the desired topping
  4. Pay the money and take the pizza with you
Class Grade
MA 141 A
CH 101 B